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The Missouri Champion of Children Coalition launches ad campaign

The Missouri Champion of Children Coalition have started a new advertising campaign, beginning with a new 30 second video advert.

The video itself details some of the issues Missouri is facing currently in the realm of childcare, including some alarming statistics about how some of these childcare issues are affecting the Missouri economy and workforce.

Childcare related issues have plagued the state in recent time. Last year, Rep. Betsy Fogle added an amendment to that years budget dedicated to funding childcare.  In December of 2022, CEO of United WE Wendy Doyle wrote an Op-Ed detailing the adverse affects childcare issues have had on the Missouri Economy.

“There is no better investment for our state than in our kids and no better time than now,” said Brian Schmidt, Executive Director of Kids Win Missouri. “We launched this coalition and this advertising campaign to encourage the Missouri General Assembly to make child care and early education a priority this legislative session.”

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