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Supporting Our Future

Missouri Champion of Children / Supporting Our Future

Early Childhood Matters

Research demonstrates that early childhood matters for: 

Early Child Investments Deliver a Return on Investment and Save Taxpayers Money

High-quality early childhood programs for disadvantaged children can deliver a 13% return on investment annually. Similarly, cost-benefit analyses show that evidence-based home visiting programs offer returns on investment ranging from $1.75 to $5.70 for every dollar spent due to reduced costs of child protection, K-12 special education and grade retention, and criminal justice expenses.

Missouri Early Childhood Investment Blueprint

Our Blueprint for Action

We’re working to close the gap in access to critical early childhood supports, including child care, early education, and home visiting services. The data  indicate there is a gap of 70,000 children in Missouri who would benefit from early care and education and 31,000 who could potentially benefit from home visiting programs. To learn more, download our blueprint to close these gaps 

Supporting Our Future: A Blueprint for Missouri’s Early Childhood System [Document Forthcoming]