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Missouri law enforcement advocates for early childhood education

Missouri law Enforcement is pairing up with childcare advocates to read to children and promote the passing of legislation to strengthen early childhood education.

Friday, law enforcement leaders will read to children in Springfield to serve as positive role models and raise awareness of the importance of early childhood education. Council for a Strong America wants to see the state legislature continue to invest in our children. The group wants the state legislature to support the governor’s initiative of access to child care for low-income families. The Missouri State Senate will decide whether to invest millions into childcare programs, provide tax credits for businesses that provide childcare to employees, and expand pre-k education.

“When I see them they are usually around the age of 18, and they’re involved in the criminal justice system, it’s not too late, but it’s obviously not what we would prefer,” said Audrain County Prosecutor Jacob Shellabarger. “We’d really like the ability to work with these kids early on. The statistics show that early childhood education is one of the many things that improve outcomes for children and for society as a whole.”

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